Environmental Insights for Strategic Aquaculture Management

Monitoring and analysis of environmental conditions surrounding aquaculture sites for evidence-based management of potential risks


Site Risk Assessment (SRA)

NextOcean's SRA service enables aquaculture stakeholders to optimise operations, mitigate risks, and ensure long-term success. SRA provides comprehensive insights into the environmental conditions and potential risks affecting aquaculture sites. With access to MetOcean data, oil spill detection, and marine heatwave early warning, stakeholders can make informed decisions regarding site selection, risk management, and operational planning.

NextOcean's SRA service empowers users with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate complex environmental challenges and unlock the full potential of aquaculture ventures.

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NextOcean data services provide key insights for:

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Aquaculture Companies
  • MetOcean forecasts, marine heatwave early warning, and oil spill detection allow monitoring so that cages can be secured, protected, or submerged.
  • Historical MetOcean, marine heatwave and oil spill detection can be used to assess the conditions over a long time period for an area under consideration for a new aquaculture site.
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Maritime Regulatory Authorities
  • Historical data can be used to assess the longterm conditions for an area under consideration for aquaculture activity.
  • The oil spill service allows authorities to assess the historical impact from maritime traffic on both the environment and human activity in the area (e.g. aquaculture, coastal tourism) in order to support regulation and control.
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Insurance Companies
  • Using both the MetOcean, oil spill data, and the new early warning for marine heatwaves, they may be better able to assess the risks associated with operating a fish farm.
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Aquaculture Service Providers/Consultants
  • By integrating NextOcean data into their own systems and platforms, service providers or software developers can build monitoring capabilities into their own client offerings.
  • Consultants may conduct risk assessments on behalf of their aquaculture clients.

Heatwave warnings for aquaculture managers

Early warning of marine heatwaves is of critical importance to any form of aquaculture activity as fish growth and survival are directly linked to environmental conditions such as water temperature. By knowing in advance the level of risk due to exposure to a heat wave, fish farm managers can plan the appropriate action such as adapting the feeding strategy or moving cages to a less exposed area.

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Learn step-by-step how to place an order for the NextOcean Site Risk Assessment service. The video walks through logging into your account, selecting the service, submitting an order and viewing the results in our geoportal.

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