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Monitoring the location and intensity of fishing activities for sustainable fisheries management and provenance certification for ecolabelling

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Fishing Activity Indicator (FAI)

FAI is a powerful tool that provides cost-effective, near real-time monitoring of fishing activities. It offers two key features: individual vessel fishing trip tracking and aggregated potential fishing effort for large areas. The fishing trip data serves as an independent and credible source of information for provenance certification, supporting ecolabelling initiatives. Additionally, the aggregated 'fishing footprint' delivers valuable insights that contribute to sustainable fisheries management, enabling informed decision-making and promoting responsible fishing practices.

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NextOcean data services provide key insights for:

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Certification  Organisations
  • Certify fish provenance using a reliable and independent source of data, remotely monitoring activity without human intervention (onboard observers).
  • This in turn benefits the fishing companies since they can achieve a higher price for certified catch.

Policing and  Conservation
  • Monitor the intensity of fishing activities, highlighting areas of potential overfishing and protecting MPAs (identifying potential illegal fishing).
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Fisheries  Management Organisations
  • Cost effectively monitor large areas of ocean for levels of fishing intensity historically and in near-realtime, supporting sustainable fisheries management.
  • Additional ability to investigate individual vessels or fleets.
Fisheries  Consultants
  • Represent the interests of the fishing industry when analysing potential locations for offshore wind farms.
  • Assess the areas at risk of conflict.
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Commercial  Fishing Companies
  •  Monitor individual vessels within the fishing fleet, to track catch locations and time spent fishing.
  • Aggregated historical analysis can help to understand the most efficient areas over time (in combination with their own catch data).

Harnessing data for precise monitoring

NextOcean's innovative Fishing Activity Indicator service employs advanced algorithms to analyse AIS data, accurately distinguishing between fishing and non-fishing vessel activities. By examining the velocity profiles of vessels, our cutting-edge technology identifies the unique patterns associated with fishing operations.

This intelligent analysis enables us to set precise fishing thresholds, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in our monitoring capabilities. The resulting map-based outputs provide comprehensive insights into both historical and real-time fishing activities, empowering organizations to make informed decisions for sustainable fisheries management.

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Learn step-by-step how to place an order for the NextOcean Fishing Activity Indicator service. The video walks through logging into your account, selecting the service, submitting an order and viewing the results in our geoportal.

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