Targeting Tuna Aggregations for Smarter, Responsible Fishing

Identification of areas of potential tuna aggregation based on ocean front detection to reduce fuel consumption and search time, reduce bycatch and support fisheries management

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Characterisation of Fishing Areas (CFA)

By harnessing advanced satellite data and environmental information, CFA enables commercial fishing companies, fisheries management organizations, and consultants to make informed decisions that optimise fishing efforts while promoting sustainability. Our cutting-edge technology identifies ocean fronts and productive regions favored by tuna, allowing users to pinpoint the most promising fishing grounds. With CFA, you can reduce search time, fuel consumption, and bycatch, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and eco-friendliness of your tuna fishing operations.

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NextOcean data services provide key insights for:

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Commercial Fishing Companies

Provides captains with intelligence on where and when they may find productive tuna fishing areas.

A quicker and more costeffective solution to monitoring a very large area in near real-time.

This increases the efficiency of fishing operations, reducing time at sea, fuel costs and carbon emissions by shortening the search for fishing grounds.

Fishing in high concentration areas of the target species should increase catch per unit effort, reduce bycatch, benefitting the sustainability of fish stocks and helping to maintain biodiversity.

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Fisheries Management Organisations

The time and location of fish nursery grounds can vary with changes in oceanic conditions. Understanding these environmental changes are key to standardisation of fish catches and inform a more accurate stock assessment.

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Fisheries Consultants/ Service Providers

Provide intelligence to commercial fishing companies to support optimal fishing activities.

Advise on stock sampling locations for fisheries management and conservation organisations.

Satellite insights for optimal tuna fishing

The CFA service employs advanced algorithms and satellite data to identify ideal tuna fishing grounds in the North Atlantic. By analysing sea surface temperature and chlorophyll levels, CFA pinpoints productive ocean fronts and clear waters favoured by tuna. Users can access map-based outputs through the NextOcean portal or download data for seamless integration into their decision-making processes.

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Learn step-by-step how to place an order for the NextOcean Characterisation of Fishing Areas service. The video walks through logging into your account, selecting the service, submitting an order and viewing the results in our geoportal.

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