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Comprehensive and near real-time monitoring of fishing activity using a combination of vessel identification systems and radar satellite data.

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Fisheries Monitoring and Surveillance (FMS)

FMS detects vessels from satellite data and overlays this with vessel identification system data to identify vessels that may have deactivated that system. In this way, FMS can suggest vessels that may be involved in illegal activities, offering a cost-effective solution for monitoring vessel traffic over a large area.

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NextOcean data services provide key insights for:

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Coastguard/ Maritime Police
  • Monitor and identify suspicious vessel behaviour to investigate, helping to focus efforts against illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) fishing or at least enforce the correct use of AIS.
  • A quicker and more costeffective solution to monitoring a very large area in near real-time.
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Fisheries Management Organisations
  • Gain a better insight into suspected IUU fishing in the organisation’s area of jurisdiction, and to help inform policies and actions designed to reduce it.
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Conservation Organisations
  • Target protection efforts to the areas most at risk of overexploitation from IUU fishing.

Revealing hidden activity at sea

Our satellite data reveals ships avoiding tracking systems. The image displays a vessel's route in grey, with its location from satellite data in green, concurrent with its tracking system position in red. Like a fingerprint at a crime scene, our data unveils concealed activity.

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Learn step-by-step how to place an order for the NextOcean Characterisation of Fishing Areas service. The video walks through logging into your account, selecting the service, submitting an order and viewing the results in our geoportal.

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